Monday, July 13, 2009


I have been doing a lot of research the past month. I have come across some great site that i think that any bride on a budget should check out.

A lot of those have forums and this is a great place to start. You get to interract with a lot of ladies that are planning weddings and they are really helpful.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Like with everything else, i am planning on being buget conscious with my invitations. I had no idea that invitations cost so much. In the world of invitation, which can be a very confusing world, there seem to be three ways to go about doing your invitations.

1. You can have them done by someone else and have it delivered to you ready to mail out

2. You can semi do it yourself buy buying kits at stores like Michaels, target, wallmart, staples...

3. You can completly do it yourself.

At the beginning of this journey i was convinced i would have gone with option number :
1. I was willing to spend money to avoid the stress of having to them myselves. However, as i am taking a more REALISTIC look at my budget, there is no way i can do that. Keep in mind that i have 300 guests at my wedding, which result to around 200 invitations ( some people are married, only need one invitations per couple), which will cost me around 300 dollars average.
This quote includes envelopes, and respond cards.
What makes the world of invitations, strange is that with option number 2, i am around the same amount. I know, that makes no sense... The trick is to add the price of ink and if you do not have a printer the price of a printer. So here i am , left with option number 3. What you have to understand is that i am not that girl. I am not the girl that likes to color or cut things. No i am the impatient person, that yells at the computer for being too slow. So it is with horror, that i have decided to make my invitations from scratch. It will cost me less, from my research the paper would be around 15 dollars for cardstock paper ( 250 sheets). As far as printing, i will be using my work printer. I will keep you updated on the progress.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Custom made wedding dress from China

The budget for my dress is 200 dollars and that's for two dresses. Here is my take on the whole dress thing. I really wanted a beautiful dress but i was unwilling spend thousands on it. I am a bargain shopper at heart and i refused to spend so much money on a dress i would only wear once. I started thinking about my options and this is what i found out.

1. I could rent a dress
2. I could buy a used dress
3. I could buy a dress on sale
4. I could get my dress sewn in the USA
5. I could get a dress sewn in china

I decided to go with option number 5 and get my dress sewn in china. Before i made my decisions, i spent hours researching it and would advice anyone that wants to go that route to do the same. I found the person sewing my dress on e bay and i made sure to check his reviews. The total for my dress is supposed to come up to 150 dollars including shipping. I will be keeping you updated on the process. Right now i have contacted couple of his custumers and they have sent me pictures of their dresses. My next step is to go and go to a tailor and get my measurements. You can do it at home but it is advisable to have it professionally done. The advantages besides the price is that you can design your own dress. I refuse to spend a thousand dollars on a dress that i will only wear once. SO i am taking my chances with China, wish me luck.

Friday, May 29, 2009

The Date is set

We are having our wedding ceromony July 4th 2010. I am way ecxited you have no idea. For a while , i wanted to be a wedding planner and this is my dream come true. I have watched wedding shows since i was 15 years old and I am obsessed with anything that's wedding related. Here is the catch. I am already married, legally i mean. We got married last summer, no fuss, just him and I.
In a way, that helps with the stress because i already know whats at the other end. I think a lot of brides get tense and nervous about the unknow. The what's going to happen once we get married? Is he really the one? For me , we have all that out of the way. The way i am looking at it is that this is going to be the biggest , most expensive party i have ever thrown and i am planning on enjoying each step of the way.

Wedding Bio:
Date: 07/10/2010
Location: A hotel ballroom
Colors : Orange, chocolate brown and white
Number of Guest: 300-350 people
Wedding party: 20 groomsmen and bridesmaid ....
Budget : 15,000 dollars or less

No i am not delusional and yes i have done some research. I know it sounds crazy, having 300 guest with a budget of 15,000 dollars? Join me on my journey for lavish wedding on a budget.